TATAROU will exhibit at “PREMIERE CLASSE” to be held in Paris from 1st to 4th March. PREMIERE CLASSE is the largest international trade fair in Europe where approximately 43,000 fashion participants from around the world visit.

Most of the work is done at designer’s own studio which renovated Japanese traditional houses, where he strives to draw the essence out of each and every material. His desire is to create goods to be enjoyed by both genders and all ages, which give each wearer a sense of closeness to the hands that made them. The materials used are mainly vegetable tanned leather such as cow, deer and goat, with brass for metal.We use materials that develop a richer texture the more you wear them over time.

We aim to ensure that you can enjoy our products over a long period of time, and appreciate the transformation they go through with wear and repair. Our comfortable fitted shoes will create a new Japanese traditional style. We are pleased to have met many people at this opportunity.

DAY: 1st – 4th March 2018
ACCESS: Jardin des Tuileries
TIME: 9am – 7pm


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